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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any cut-off time or minimum advance order days when I shop online?

As per our standard practice, all cake orders require a minimum of 3 days advance order. For bigger sized and 3D cakes, please order at least 4-5 days in advance.

2. How do I begin to shop online?

a) You may create an account with us or through your Facebook account. Proceed to select the cake and add to cart. 

b) Select your cake and check out as Guest. 

3. How do I know if my order has been confirmed?

You shall receive the order confirmation via email by the next working day. For your general information, our office working days are: Monday to Friday, 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. and Saturday, 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon. If you do not receive any order confirmation email, kindly alert us through

4. What if the transaction does not go through? Will my credit card been charged?

You will see an error message and an email notification if the transaction did not go through. Your credit card will not be charged if the transaction fails. In this case, do take note of the error message and notify our office via email for investigation purposes.

5. Can the SR membership card or SR Diners membership card be used for online purchase?

No. All online purchases are not valid for membership discounts or any other in-house promotions.

6. What if I need to amend or cancel my online order?

No amendments or cancellations are allowed after the order has been confirmed unless special circumstances were being accorded on a case by case basis. A SGD $10.00 (subject to GST) administrative fee is payable for each amendment done to the order to recover transaction charges imposed on payment made via our payment gateway partner like PayPal and any other administrative costs.

7. What payment modes are accepted online?

We accept only credit card payments (Visa or Master through PayPal) on our online orders.

8. What if I want to have a customised icing picture on my cake?

You may put in a special request in the remarks column and make the payment (SGD $15.00 for 18cm or A4 size; SGD $20.00 for A3 size - subject to GST) when you collect the cake at the chosen outlet or upon delivery. However, unless you have been authorised with a "Release Statement" issued by the production studios or agents, we would only accept non-Copyrighted images and materials before printing the icing picture. Also, you are required to do the necessary cropping of the image to fit the cake that you have ordered for example from an A4 image into a round 7.8 inches diameter.

9. Do you do cake delivery to offices and homes?

Yes, since 15 May 2013, we have officially launched the much awaited cake delivery service right up to your doorstep! Be it to an office or a residential address. We shall make a single-drop point delivery within mainland Singapore only. Any other address is subject to the Terms and Conditions. As for deliveries to a hotel or chalet, the cake shall be delivered only right up to the Front Office or Reception Desks. For security reasons, we shall deliver only up to the Front Desk/Reception Counter and we do not make any direct delivery to the guest's hotel room, resort's chalet unit and BBQ pit. 

10. What are the delivery charges and is there any time or zonal limits?

Yes, the fees may vary from:

a) Slot times: 11 - 3 pm, 3 - 5 pm, a fee of SGD $12 per location is applicable from Monday through Saturday. For 6R cakes, the fee shall be $25.

b) Late afternoon between 5 to 7 pm in the evening, the fee shall be SGD $18 per location. For 6R cakes, the fee shall be $50.

c) A flat surcharge on Sundays and Public holidays; slot times are between 12 - 2 pm and 2 - 5 pm, and the fee shall be SGD $18 per location. For 6R cakes, the fee shall be $50.

d) A surcharge of SGD $18 may be applicable from Monday through Sunday, 12noon to 7pm for delivery to the Sentosa Island, Jurong Island, Tuas and the Tuas Mega Shipyard area and the Marina Bay Sands. For 6R cakes, the fee shall be $36.

e) Please call the outlets to check for availability of cakes for same-day delivery. Delivery fee is $18.

f) The company shall at its own discretion omit making deliveries to any Mindef Camps or Police Academy, Changi Airport Cargo Complex and Terminals, Air Bases and any other Restricted Areas. This policy shall also include the National Parks' BBQ pits across the island, and to any other public or private carparks. 

11. How do I place an order with delivery service?

You can simply place an order online, call the nearest cafe outlet to make your cake order or alternatively you may want to place an order directly to our Dial-A-Cake dial number: +65 6257-2292.

12. Can I call the Dial-A-Cake telephone number on Saturday and Sunday?

We regret that the D-A-C order section in the office operates on a 5 day work week from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. You may also either call the nearest Secret Recipe cafe outlets to place an order or you may opt to call directly to the D-A-C dial number. You can leave a message over the Voice Mail Message Recording System and your good order shall be processed on the next working day.

13. What type of cheese being used in Secret Recipe’s cheese cakes?

Secret Recipe’s early beginning started with the success of our Award-Winner Marble Cheesecake won in an International Most Original Cake competition in 1997, Kuala Lumpur. Since then, we have developed a wide range of cheesecakes using different type of cheeses like Cottage cheese, Cream cheese and Mascarpone cheese.

14. Do you have a non-animal based ingredients cake suitable for Vegetarians ?

We have never declared that the Secret Recipe 3 egg-less cakes like the Cappuccino cheesecake, Raspberry cheesecake and Oreo cheesecake is good for Vegetarians. Although these 3 cheesecakes do not contain eggs, the base uses biscuits or cookies and generally butter is used and it may contain eggs. However, all chilled or frozen-baked cheesecakes may contain fish-based gelatin and will not be suitable for the 4 main vegetarian dietary categories like the Lacto-Ovo, Lacto Veg., Ovo Veg., Vegans and other vegetarian categories that do not consume food ingredients that may contain meat, poultry and fish.

For added information, the cream cakes uses butter and eggs, therefore, our cakes may or may not be suitable for the different 9 categories of Vegetarians. There are 4 main diet classifications namely:-

i) Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian: No; meat, poultry, fish. Yes; eggs, butter, cream, cheese and honey.

ii) Lacto Vegetarianism: No; meat, poultry, fish, eggs. Yes; butter, cream, cheese and honey.

iii) Ovo Vegetarianism: No; meat, poultry, fish, butter, cream, cheese. Yes; eggs and honey. 

iv) Veganism: No; meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products and honey.

v) 5 other dietary practices like; Fruitarianism, Su Vegetarianism (Buddhism), Macrobiotic Dietarinism (yes to eggs), Raw Veganism (organic) and Dietary Veganism.

15. Why the Regular cake?

Based on the mass customers' feedback, most of the suggestions asked for a smaller size cake. Also, the decision to step-down revision is due largely to the national population data-base that now has a smaller family size. The new smaller size has more customer appeal, economical and for less is a healthy reason. Since November 2012, the Management has decided to launch the new smaller size, Regular Cake.

16. Is it possible to order a mixed cake like half Chocolate Banana and half Chocolate Indulgence?

As per the SOP, the different cake characteristic does not allow a whole cake to be made in two different flavours. Since 2012, we have introduced a new range of Premium Cakes. Kindly check our cake tabs for better product illustrations or call our stores for assistance. 

17. Our family loves your Black Forest Cheesecake, can I order it in a 6 recipe size cake?

In order to achieve the best quality of cheesecakes, the maximum ideal size for cheesecake is a 3 Recipe size or equivalent to 7-8 kg in weight. Our SOP recommends that a Regular or 9 inch recipe size is the maximum and most suitable for these cheesecakes: Apple Crumble, Baked Cheese, Chocolate Cheese, Marble Cheese, New York Cheese and Yogurt Cheese.

18. Our school is organizing an Anniversary celebration, can the Chocolate Banana Cake be kept in a non air-conditioned indoor hall for 2 hours or more?

After slightly more than an hour in a non air-con room, some of the chocolate cakes may begin to melt-down. The chocolate coating will first begin to glisten and then soften. It is best to keep all chocolate and cream cakes chilled at all times and best to be kept chilled for at least 2 hours before it can be presented in an open environment. We would recommend the Moist Chocolate cake that is more stable and suitable for any type of room temperature functions. For best result, warm the Moist Chocolate cake portions in the microwave and heat up for approximately 15-18 seconds if it is at room temperature and 18-20 seconds if it is stored in the refrigerator or chiller temperature at 4 degrees Celsius.

19. How many days would the cream cake last in a domestic refrigerator?

Upon collection or delivery, our cream cake can last best within 3-4 days though it may be a little dryer on the fourth day. It is best to keep the cake fully covered in an air-tight plastic container in the fridge to prevent a would-be dehydration and it is best to serve the cut portions chilled.

20. What if I want keep the Marble Cheesecake in the freezer for 5 days, is it safe for consumption?

Yes, but you must keep the cheesecake properly stored in an air-tight plastic container and place in the upper freezer for it to last for 5 days or more. Before eating the cake, take the portions required and "warm" it in a chiller below for an hour or less before serving.